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A Powerful Biocide powder with the ability to disinfect, absorb and protect animals from disease, ammonia build up as well as parasitic infestations.

For use in all Animal Housing, Barns, Stables, Coops, Hutches and Litter.

Untitled (297 x 210 mm)

Advantages of Stalosan F

Animal pens contain elevated levels of moisture, pathogens, high levels of ammonia and a high environmental pH.
The high concentration of active substances and antimicrobial mineral acids in Stalosan F are proven to kill pathogens, neutralise ammonia, lower the pH and keep the environment dry.

  • Broad spectrum disinfection that provides ongoing protection against pathogens and harmful waste products during the full animal production cycle

  • Active in presence of organic materials with an effect that lasts for a full week

  • Contains more than 95% active ingredients that lower the infection level and reduce the pH in animal sheds

  • Eliminates pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites)

  • Neutralises the ammonia and hydrogen sulphide that can negatively impact respiratory health and welfare

  • Ensures a natural low pH-value in the animal environment and strengthens the animal’s resistance to infection

  • Powerful effect with a low dosage makes it cost effective

Stalosan F Animals
Stalosan F Key Components Table

Stalosan F vs Limestone Based Drying Agents

Stalosan F is the global market leader in powdered disinfectants for animal facilities and does not contain limestone (calcium carbonate). Limestone based drying agents have a pH of 9-10 which is corrosive to materials and will increase the risk of skin infections for animals that come in direct contact with the product. Beware of imitations and limestone based drying agents that have no direct effect on pathogens or ammonia.

Stalosan F Components and Primary Functions

Stalosan F pH
Stalosan applicator

By hand or hand held fertiliser spreader


VINK Drill powered spreader.

Battery Duster

NEW Battery, backpack spreader


Stalosan F - Directions for Use

Battery Duster!

Did you know?
Stalosan F  was invented by a Danish veterinarian in 1964 as the first powder product for animal housing in the world. For more than 50 years Stalosan F continues to be used globally in over 48 countries across more than 10,000 livestock farms.

APVMA Approved
Stalosan F is approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for use as an agricultural disinfectant in sheds, pens and piggeries
(Product No. 51273)

Stalosan F Pathogen Efficacy 

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