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PECKStones are a unique enrichment tool for the prevention and reduction of abnormal pecking behaviour in poultry flocks. 

  • Satisfies the strong desire to peck, scratch and forage

  • Minimises harmful behaviour and agression like feather pecking and cannibilism

  • Enhances animal welfare 

  • Supports natural beak wear


Peckstone dimensions

Aggression and abnormal pecking behavior in large or commercial poultry flocks is a serious welfare and economic issue that threatens health,

well being and productivity.

PECKStones are a natural, organic tool that effectively redirects behavioral urges to peck and enhance the welfare of the flock.

Durable, yet destructible and an ideal pecking target.

Vital salts and minerals are incorporated but at levels that will not impact overall diets or nutrition.

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Peckstone chicks
Natural, organic ingredients
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                                    is available for all poultry operations.

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Poultry birds

    Peckstone comes in three grades, formulated to the needs of a range of animal groups:


   Medium, Hard and Xtra hard

  • Peckstone Medium (8 kg) is particularly ideal for chickens and broilers fattened for a short period.
  • Peckstone Hard (10 kg) is ideal for pullets, layers, broilers fattened over a long period, and turkeys.
  • Peckstone Extra Hard (10 kg) is suitable for layers, parent stock and turkeys.


    It is recommended that you provide one Peckstone per 500-800 animals.

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