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FreshFoss Bag
Protects the feed ration against nutrient and dry matter loss during high heat and humid conditions ensuring the ration stays fresh and intake does not decrease.
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Consequences of not stabilising your feed rations:

- Decreased feed intake

- Higher feed wastage

- Decreased Milk yield

- Lower bottom line

FreshFoss is new to the Australian livestock market and brings many nutritional and cost saving benefits for any farmer feeding mixed rations to their herds.

 FreshFoss stabilises your Feed Ration and prevents secondary fermentation!

- Heated feed deteriorates rapidly damaging the nutritional quality of the feed.
- Heated feeds have much higher microbial activity.
- Heated feeds decrease the palatability, leading to reduced intake

Why does the feed ration generate heat?

Mould and yeast growth occurs rapidly in conditions where:
- Sugars and digestible carbohydrates are accessible
- Oxygen is available
- There is high humidity or moisture in the feed
- There is a high ambient temperature
When silage and high moisture feeds are used and mixed with other feed ingredients they are exposed to these conditions.

- Silage is moved from an oxygen-poor environment to an oxygen-rich environment 
- Feeds are mixed with high energy carbohydrates (such as grain)
- Yeasts and moulds “consume” carbohydrates and generate heat
- Addition of water (or moist feeds) increase humidity and heat generation favouring degradation and losses occur.


FreshFoss is a DRY ACID consisting of a combination of salts from organic acids.
Easy and safe to use, eliminating the need for liquid acids which have significant occupational health and safety issues.
Using a DRY ACID eliminates the use of tanks, pumps and protective clothing as is required when using liquid acids.

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Test of effciency

FreshFoss added to mixed ration at 1-3 kg/ton of feed. Dosage requirement varies according to temperature, moisture and quality of feed. Start with 1 kg/ton of complete feed and increase dosage under especially high temperatures and/or poorer quality silage.
*Freshfoss is non corrosive on mixer wagons.

FreshFoss - the market leader in preserving feed rations: In 2018 an independent test from the National Danish Advisory Board (SEGES) have concluded that FreshFoss was the winner in a comparative test.

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