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Quadrant Farming Solutions specialises in supplying innovative and welfare focused solutions to Australian ruminant, equine, pig and poultry operations.

We work closely with several European stockfeed and supplement manufacturers that supply the highest standards of product quality and technical advice.

X-Zelit – a revolutionary feed solution to combat milk fever in highly productive dairy cows. X-Zelit activates the cow’s natural systems to elevate blood calcium during calving and the transition into milk production. X-Zelit is flexible for use with a wide range of home grown pasture, hay and silage combinations and grain-based concentrates. X-Zelit eliminates the need to purchase low DCAD forages, conduct urine pH testing and reformulate diets.

Stalosan F – an innovative biosecurity solution that suppresses the spread of pathogens in animal housing and improves animal health and welfare. Stalosan F is a broad-spectrum disinfectant powder that's safe to use in the presence of animals and humans. Stalosan F has an all-natural formulation that eliminates pathogens for up to a full week.