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Quadrant Farming Solutions specialises in supplying innovative and welfare focused solutions to Australian ruminant, equine, pig, poultry and domestic pet markets.

We work closely with several European stockfeed and supplement manufacturers that supply the highest standards of product quality and technical advice.

X-Zelita simple, revolutionary feed additive solution, proven to combat milk fever in highly productive dairy cows.


The X-Zelit granules have a neutral taste, are ingested with the grain ration or feed and simply activates the cows natural ability to elevate blood calcium during calving and maintain those levels through the transition period.


When using X-Zelit there is no need to restrict home grown pasture, hay, silage and grain-based concentrates, which means the cow will not need to allow time for such drastic rumen adaption.


There is no more need to purchase low DCAD forages or attempt to manage milk fever with traditional DCAD diets. There is also no need for urine testing. Its just simple!

For use in all dairy cow operations where there is the risk of low blood calcium levels at calving.

Stalosan F – an innovative biosecurity solution for commercial and domestic animal housing, bedding and litter. 


Stalosan is a powerful biocide powder that aids in the reduction of pathogenic pressure, ammonia build up and parasite infestations in all animal housing situations.


Dusting Stalosan F regularly in housing, bedding, litter and heavy traffic/ muck areas will significantly improve animal living conditions, animal health and welfare.


Because Stalosan is made with non toxic, natural ingredients it is safe to use whilst animals are present in the housing.

Effective against disease, bacteria, moisture, ammonia, fungi, as well as parasites like mites, round worm and flies.

For use in all commercial and domestic animal housing, bedding and litter.



Dialyt® Express’ - an easy-to-use formula that helps to maintain calf electrolyte, fluid and energy balance.

Dialyt Express can be added directly to the milk or water at first signs of stress or illness to support physiological digestion as well as stabilise fluid and electrolyte levels. 

Dialyt is pre mixed and comes with an easy dosage pump so that Dialyt can be stored right where you need it - in the pen area or on the milk trailer.

Supplementing with Dialyt during high stress periods and when gastrointestinal problems are present reduces the risk of severe illness and dehydration.

Dialyt® Express is also labeled for use with pigs, lambs, goat kids, and foals to help stabilize their fluid and electrolyte balance.


 – Protects the feed ration against nutrient and dry matter loss during high heat conditions.

FreshFoss reduces heat build-up and feed deterioration in the ration after dispensing.


​FreshFoss is a combination of acid salts that when mixed in to the feed ration prior to dispensing, reduces the growth of mould and yeast, therefor reducing heat levels and nutrien loss in the feed. 

FreshFoss is proven to be an extremely effective tool in warm and humid conditions to extend the life of the feed and to maintain feed intake. 

FreshFoss is completely biodegradable, non-toxic and non corrosive on Feed wagons.

For use in all Cattle operations where feed is vulnerable to heat and moisture damage and where there is the risk of nutrien loss and reduced feed intake.

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PECKStone - A unique, organic mineral block designed to eliminate aggression and feather pecking in commercial and cage free poultry flocks.


Peckstones improve animal welfare, assist in providing stimulation and divert abnormal pecking pecking behaviours.

Supports beak conditioning, enahnces animal welfare and is naturally attractive to poultry.

Blocks are durable, yet destructible and the perfect pecking target. Vital salts and minerals are also incorporated but will not impact the overall nutrition or diet.

Available in XTRA Hard, Hard and Medium to suite all poultry operations.

Available for all poultry operations including Broilers, pullets, cage free layers, breeders and Turkeys.

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Piglet saver

PIGLET SAVER - A liquid supplement for runt and weak born piglets that compensates for the negative effects of low birth weights.


Piglets born with low birth weights generally have a reduced number of growth hormone receptors, this ultimately leads to a reduced production of the growth hormone IGF-1.


Piglet Saver is designed to stimulates the formation of growth hormone receptors and therefor raising the IGF-1 in serum to a normal level.


Available in 250ml Bottle with pump included.

Suitable for all pig breeding operations.

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